Therapy 2 (Omphalocele)

miss_27a_n.jpg and miss_27b_n.jpg: 1-day-old girl with a two-step treatment of a large omphalocele at the end of the first intervention and two weeks later prior to the second operation. miss_27a_n.jpg: After removal of the omphalocele sac an alloplastic sac is primarily used. miss_27b_n.jpg: After successive taking in the alloplastic sac is removed. In contrast to the picture of the first day of surgery with a retracted belly, ( miss_27a_n.jpg) the abdomen is full but not protruding one week later ( miss_27b_n.jpg). Infection and/or secondary pulling out of the alloplastic sac in the zone of muscle and skin sutures are the two possible complications of this method.