Therapy (Gastroschisis and Omphalocele)

List of the operative methods in gastroschisis or omphalocele. If possible, primary closure is the treatment of choice including reduction of the intestine in gastroschisis, excision of the sac, reduction of the abdominal organs in omphalocele, and layer-by-layer closure of the abdominal wall in both. If necessary, an interposition of alloplastic material between the diastatic abdominal rectus muscles, or a simple skin closure may be performed. Because an expensive secondary intervention is necessary in these two methods, they should be used only exceptionally. Alternatively to the primary closure, the temporary use of an alloplastic sac sutured to the borders of the abdominal muscles is possible, enabling the stepwise taking in of the alloplastic material, and thereby reducing the abdominal organs step by step. The secondary closure of the abdominal wall after removal of the sac takes place in the first half of the neonatal period. A primary non-operative treatment is only possible in omphalocele and should be performed only exceptionally.