Acquired Evisceration 1 (Differential Diagnosis)

miss_20a_n.jpg and miss_20b_n.jpg: Survey and close-up picture of the belly of a newborn with an externally recognizable anomaly in the left upper abdomen. The belly is large in relation to the thorax and prominent. In disorders lying beyond the midline genuine malformations are anusual. The diagnosis is a complication following an intrauterine insertion of a vesicoamniotic shunt in a case of abortive prune belly syndrome (which includes a defect of the abdominal muscles, urological malformations as stenosis, valves or other anomalies of the urethra and cryptrochidism). Parts of the omentum and the left testicle (which was lying in the abdominal cavity) are prolapsed through the site of puncture. These structures had secondary changes as swelling and formations of coats due to the amniotic fluid and were therefore diagnosed not earlier than during the laparotomy. miss_20a_n.jpg: Survey picture, miss_20b_n.jpg: Close-up picture.