Variant of Bladder Exstrophy 1 (Differential Diagnosis)

2-day-old boy with an externally recognizable malformation of the pubic region which looks different from the findings in miss_12_n.jpg to miss_14_n.jpg. The insertion of the umbilical cord is low. There is a partial defect of the skin of the lower abdomen which is replaced by a mucous membrane and a scar up to the root of the penis. There is a cleft of the dorsal side of the penis. The diagnosis is abortive (or a variant of) bladder exstrophy, namely a partial exstrophy. The lumen of the bladder is visible underneath the navel insertion, and caudally closed and covered with normal skin. The penis is turned upwards, and the urethra is divided only in the distal part without rotation to the side of both halves of the glans (compare with miss_14_n.jpg).