Postoperative Obstruction (Complications)

abdo_25a_n.jpg to abdo_25c_n.jpg: 3 schoolchildren with laparotomy due to 'surgical abdomen'. abdo_25a_n.jpg: In the middle of the picture a narrow intestinal segment is visible which seems to lie behind a cord-like process of an intestinal loop coming from the left side of the patient. abdo_25b_n.jpg: Here, a white cord is recognizable which runs along the base of a bluishly discolored intestinal segment. abdo_25c_n.jpg: On the right side and at the bottom in the picture a flaccid intestinal segment is visible which differs from the residual vital intestinal loops by its dark-red to black discoloration. abdo_25a_n.jpg to abdo_25c_n.jpg: There are 3 cases of postoperative obstruction due to adhesions in the child; there is an increasing involvement of the strangulated segment of the small intestine by one or multiple adhesions. In abdo_25a_n.jpg the intestine is not yet compromised, in abdo_25b_n.jpg the intestine is distinctly, and in abdo_25c_n.jpg the intestine is irreversibly compromised in its blood supply. The duration of the intestinal compromise is mainly responsible; therefore, intestinal resection can only be avoided by early diagnosis and revision.