Bladder Exstrophy 2 (Differential Diagnosis)

Figure miss_13_n.jpg: Findings in a newborn boy analogous to miss_12_n.jpg. Below the navel insertion there is a rounded defect of the abdominal wall with a reddish and shiny mucous membrane with polypus-like changes at the bottom. Despite the normal scrotum a structure identified as normal penis is not recognizable (compare with chapter 'striking and abnormal external genitals'). The dorsally divided and turned upward penis is recognizable at the lower border of the defect; cranially, both halves of the glans, and below, the frenulum and prepuce are visible. The bladder mucosa which has been exposed since intrauterine life has a thickened polypus-like mucous membrane. On the right side of the patient a catheter is introduced in a cranial direction through the corresponding orifice into the ureter. The diagnosis is bladder exstrophy and epispadias which is an integrated part of the typical bladder exstrophy.