Urethral Eventration 1 (Voiding Disorder/Posterior Urethral Valves)

mikt_9a_n.jpg: VCUG in a 4.2-year-old boy with voiding disorder (thin and weak urinary stream). Dilated urethra with a conical stenosis at the distal end; in addition, a ventrally localized longitudinal structure filled with contrast can be seen. mikt_9b_n.jpg: VCUG in a 2-day-old boy with chronic urinary retention and grotesque dilatation of the distal two thirds of the urethra. On the other hand, the proximal third is thin in comparison to mikt_9a_n.jpg, and a punctuated spot of contrast is visible at the distal end. mikt_9a_n.jpg and mikt_9b_n.jpg: In both cases the diagnosis is a longitudinal diverticulum of the urethra which leads to a voiding disorder. mikt_9a_n.jpg: In this case a small urethral diverticulum is present which hinders micturition by ventral compression at the site of its orifice. mikt_9b_n.jpg: In this patient the diverticulum of the urethra is very large. It runs parallelly to the urethra, extends far in a proximal direction, and hinders micturition by ventral compression; the small urethra is not recognizable due to superimposition. The clinical presentation may include (in addition to the voiding disorder) a pseudo- incontinence due to post-micturition dribbling (voiding of the diverticulum) and a swelling situated along the penis on the ventral side which may be reduced by finger compression for evacuation of some urine.