Utriculus Dilatation 2 (Voiding Disorder/Posterior Urethral Valves)

mikt_7a_n.jpg: The left picture demonstrates a utricle dilatation by contrast, and the right picture shows the operative findings in a 6-week-old infant with urinary tract infection and voiding disorder. The oblique view of the x-ray shows a longitudinal structure originating from the colliculus behind the bladder which is not filled with contrast, and a distal ureter with contrast after an IVU. mikt_7b_n.jpg: Close-up picture of the same operative findings as in mikt_7a_n.jpg. At the top of the picture there is the full bladder and below the dilated utricle. Marked are the spermatic cord (blue) and the ureter of one side (yellow string). mikt_7a_n.jpg and mikt_7b_n.jpg: The diagnosis is a large utricle cyst with a small connection to the urethra; it has led to a voiding disorder, secondary dilatation of the upper urinary tract, and to urinary tract infection. The utricle cyst in the presented case is an isolated malformation without hypospadias, but an example of persistent Mullerian structures; the appendages of testis, epididymis and spermatic cord have the same origin.