Ultrasound (Posterior Urethral Valves)

mikt_26a_n.jpg and mikt_26b_n.jpg: 1- and 5-day-old newborns with voiding disorder, such as absent urinary stream and intermittent dribbling. mikt_26a_n.jpg: Longitudinal ultrasound of the lower abdomen with two elongated structures; the smaller structure lying posteriorly corresponds to the dilated prevesical ureter segment, the larger and anterior structure is elongated and exhibits a small eventration of the dorsal wall !£mikt_26a_p£!. mikt_26b_n.jpg: The lateral view of a VCUG on follow-up shows a very elongated bladder with at least one eventration in the posterior direction, a dilatation of the posterior urethra with a sudden stop, and a reflux of contrast in the left ureter. The eventration of the larger elongated structure in the ultrasound is an example of a pseudo-diverticulum and corresponds to one of the eventrations in the VCUG. mikt_26a_n.jpg and mikt_26b_n.jpg: The diagnosis is hypertrophy of the bladder with pseudo-diverticula in posterior urethral valves, right-sided obstructive megaureter, and left-sided vesicoureteral reflux.