Purulent Discharge (Complications)

Figure abdo_23_n.jpg: Healing wound in the right lower abdomen in a somewhat obese schoolchild 1 week after appendectomy in phlegmonous appendicitis. There is reddening of the wound edges which are gaping in the middle. There is a yellowish, thick, and malodorous discharge mixed with blood at the edges. The diagnosis is a postoperative wound infection with abdominal wall abscess. Wound infections are a complication of surgery, in abdominal surgery especially following phlegmonous or perforated appendicitis, intestinal perforation and intestinal resection. Forerunners are wound hematomas (insufficient styptic measures), traumatizing handling of the tissue (tissue necrosis), violation of antisepsis and asepsis (e.g. evacuation of intestinal content in the abdominal cavity) etc.