VCUG 2 (Posterior Urethral Valves)

mikt_22a_n.jpg and mikt_22b_n.jpg: VCUG in a 3-day-old newborn with voiding disorder, urinary retention, and intermittent dribbling. mikt_22a_n.jpg: The posterior urethra is dilated, the distal urethra is fine. The bladder wall exhibits an irregular contour with paravesical small and rounded contrast accumulations. mikt_22b_n.jpg: Empty bladder after voiding except for the paravesical contrast accumulations. Distally from the dilated posterior urethra, there is a small and oblique contrast defect of the lumen. mikt_22a_n.jpg and mikt_22b_n.jpg: The diagnosis is posterior urethral valves. The valves are not only recognizable by the calibre difference between the posterior and distal urethra, but also directly visible by the fine and oblique contrast defect described in mikt_22b_n.jpg corresponding to the valves. In addition, bladder hypertrophy with pseudo-diverticula and reflux on the left side is present.