Clinical Presentation (Posterior Urethral Valves)

Uroflow of a 4-year-old boy with a weak urinary stream. X-axis: Time in seconds, Y-axis: Flow rate in ml/s. Qmax = maximum flow rate in ml/s. The maximum flow rate is 7.8 ml/s with a micturition volume of 169 ml. Due to an infravesical obstruction the maximum flow rate is decreased because the normal value is equal to or more than 10 ml/s in a micturition volume of more than 100 ml. In addition, the course of the curve is abnormal, not bell-shaped. The suspicion of a slight type of posterior urethral valves following this uroflow was confirmed by a VCUG (= voiding cystourethrography) and by the urethrocystoscopy.