Disorders of Bladder Function 2 (Voiding Disorder)

Uroflowmetry and pelvic floor electromyography (EMG) in a 5.3-year-old girl with voiding disorder and recurrent urinary tract infection. The parents tell that the child starts to urinate several times during the process of micturition and is voiding the bladder only in portions. X-axis: Time in seconds, Y-axis: Flowrate in milliliter per second; Y-axis of EMG: Activity of pelvic floor muscles in microvolt (mV). Qmax = Maximum flowrate in milliliter per second. The voiding time which is lasting 232.3 seconds consists of at least 8 episodes of micturition (orange part of the curve) which amount to only a third of the voiding time (71.4 seconds), they reach a maximum flowrate of only 4.6 milliliter per second, and are partially ineffective. At the same time, a pelvic floor activity can be observed which hinders micturition (EMG-oscillations at the same time as episodes of micturition). The diagnosis is fractionated or staccato voiding which is another type of disorder of bladder function.