Belly with Skin Folds (Voiding Disorder/Posterior Urethral Valves)

mikt_15a_n.jpg: Overview. Expanded belly with multiple skin folds and a bilaterally empty scrotum. mikt_15b_n.jpg: Close-up picture; the abdominal skin is better visible. A drain is leaving the abdominal cavity close to the navel; it produces a clear fluid. mikt_15a_n.jpg and mikt_15b_n.jpg: Overview and close-up pictures of a newborn in whom a vesicoamniotic shunt was introduced during pregnancy due to suspicion of posterior urethral valves or another cause of infravesical obstruction. The diagnosis is a partial type of prune belly syndrome with partial dysplasia of the abdominal muscles, bilateral cryptorchidism, and a long-distance urethral stenosis and dilatation of the upper urinary tract.