Teratoma: X-ray, Operative Findings, Preparation (Tumor Anterior Mediastinum)

metu_9a_n.jpg: Dv thorax x-ray with a medium-sized, gibbous mass to the left of and above the heart shadow. metu_9b_n.jpg: The lateral thorax x-ray shows a mass which lies clearly in the anterior mediastinum; it has not led to a distension of the thoracic cavity as in ( metu_8b_n.jpg). metu_9a_n.jpg and metu_9b_n.jpg: In this 9.4-year-old girl an irregular and distinct calcification was visible on the thorax x-ray in two planes lying within the mass. The described calcifications are compatible with dental buds and allow - together with the site of the mass in the anterior mediastinum - the suspicion of a dermoid cyst. metu_9c_n.jpg: Following sternotomy and spreading out of the two sternum halves a medium-sized midline mass becomes visible in the upper anterior mediastinum in front of the heart and lung which has been dissected from the loose connection to the surroundings. metu_9d_n.jpg and metu_9e_n.jpg: The preparation is not yet opened; nevertheless, some tallow and a single hair comes out of the dermoid cyst at the right lower border of the picture. The content is better recognizable following a large incision; notice in the middle of the picture at least to dental buds amongst other things.