X-ray in Teratoma (Differential Diagnosis Tumors Anterior Mediastinum)

metu_8a_n.jpg: Thorax x-ray with a huge mass in the superior left hemithorax in a female infant. The restriction of the mass to one side of the thorax does not support a pathology of the thymus, especially a thymic hyperplasia of the newborn. The tumor has led to an enlargement of the left upper hemithorax. metu_8b_n.jpg: In the lateral x-ray the same mass has led to a protrusion of the sternum in the upper half, analogous to a rare type of pectus carinatum. Therefore, the origin of the tumor is the anterior mediastinum, and the most probable diagnosis is a teratoma. Operatively and by histology the diagnosis was confirmed. In the presented case the huge congenital tumor has led to an infrequent symptom of a mediastinal tumor, namely to a thoracic deformity which is recognizable from the outside (connection to deformities of the thorax especially to pectus carinatum).