Additional Radiological Examinations (CT/MRI)

metu_19c1_n.jpg bis metu_19c3_n.jpg: Depending on the case, a CT or a MRI must be performed as additional examination for the evaluation of the type, localization, and extension of the mass, because the information gleaned from conventional x-ray is limited in this respect. 3.6-year-old boy with acute Horner's syndrome. A paramedian longitudinal-oval opacity was seen on the right side on the chest x-ray. Additional work-up with an MRI: A lateral slice chosen for demonstration shows a longitudinal-oval mass of the posterior mediastinum with continuation to the upper thoracic apperture; in the frontal view the mass has a paravertebral localization and an inhomogeneous structure. The histological diagnosis was a neuroblastoma (most probably a PNET) which was treated in a multidisciplinary way.