Malignant Types (Neurogenic Mediastinal Tumors)

metu_3a_n.jpg: In this 9.4-year-old boy there is an at least 9 to 6 cm large gibbous mass in the left posterior mediastinum on a middle level. Notice the abnormal tumor vessels and irregular discoloration and structure of the mass. It is a thoracic neuroblastoma of the posterior mediastinum. metu_2_n.jpg: In this 3.9-year-old boy the medium-sized neuroblastoma lies in the left posterior mediastinum, too; it is recognizable as a mass which doesn't have well defined limits, runs continuously into the surroundings and is localized in the superior mediastinum. metu_3b_n.jpg: In this excised neuroblastoma no distinct capsule is present, the structure is not homogeneous, and there are some removed branches of the tumor.