Conventional X-ray Examinations

metu_9a_n.jpg to metu_19d_n.jpg: In mediastinal tumor the minimal additional examinations are: dorso-ventral and lateral thorax x-ray; CT and/or MRI; urine analysis. metu_9a_n.jpg: In case of clinical suspicion of a mediastinal tumor, or if a mass is detected by chance on x-ray performed for other reasons, a lateral x-ray must be performed in addition to the dorso-ventral thorax x-ray . metu_9b_n.jpg: The lateral thorax x-ray allows an assignment of the mass to the anterior, middle, or posterior mediastinum. In the demonstrated case of a 9.4-year-old girl a left-sided mediastinal tumor above the heart shadow is visible. Its site is the anterior mediastinum, which keeps the differential diagnostically possible pathologies within limits. Nowadays, with the often-used CT or MRI, lateral thorax x-rays are less important.