Bronchogenic Cyst (Differential Diagnosis as before)

metu_16a_n.jpg: 9.6-year-old boy with symptoms of the airways and a round shadow on the right side at the border of the upper mediastinum in the thorax x-ray. The site close to the trachea and bifurcation (clear longitudinal structure) allows - together with the clinical presentation - the suspicion of a malformation cyst of the bronchogenic type. metu_16b_n.jpg and metu_16c_n.jpg: After the division of the mediastinal pleura a cystic structure is recognizable. It lies between the azygos vein and the superior vena cava to the right of the trachea and bifurcation. The diameter is 3 to 4 cm; leaking out masses of mucus that have been causing a slow growth of the cyst, and the close relation to the airways explain the frequent symptoms and signs of the respiratory organs in bronchogenic cysts. metu_16a_n.jpg and metu_16b_n.jpg and metu_16c_n.jpg: In both cases the clinical, radiological and operative suspicion of a bronchogenic cyst was confirmed histologically.