Thymus Tumors (Differential Diagnosis as before)

metu_13a_n.jpg: Medium-sized mass in the anterior mediastinum beyond infancy. metu_13b_n.jpg: Rather large thymus organ with seemingly normal shape in a girl of kindergarten age. metu_13a_n.jpg and metu_13b_n.jpg: Persistence of a large thymus organ beyond the first and second trimenon, increase of thymus beyond the neonatal period, and inhomogeneous structure alteration on radiological work-up - mainly on MRI - are suspect of a thymus pathology: cysts of thymus, lipoma of thymus, and thymoma. The presented cases are examples of histologically verified thymoma; in metu_13a_n.jpg the thymoma is already recognizable as mass, and in metu_13b_n.jpg the thymoma may be suspected in the left central lobe. Notice the increase of volume centrally in the left lobe and the corresponding weight proportions of the right and the left thymic lobe.