Associated Malformations (Cleft Lip Palate)

liki_9aEn_n.jpg and liki_9bEn_n.jpg: Associated malformations and additional examinations. Moderate to severe associated malformations may be observed in 10 % of cleft lip palate. These anomalies may occur by chance or be a part of a syndrome (there are more than 19 syndromes in which an associated cleft occurs in more than 50 % of the involved individuals). One important abnormality of these syndromes may be mental retardation. Additional examinations are necessary in these cases with supposed syndromic cleft for prognostication and therapeutical procedure. Consultation of a geneticist, a chromosomal analysis, x-rays, and other examinations are necessary. liki_9aEn_n.jpg: 3 possible types of combinations of a cleft lip palate with other malformations. liki_9bEn_n.jpg: 5 examples of characteristic syndromes which occur relatively frequently.