Right-Left Symmetry (Cleft Lip Palate)

The other necessary surgical procedures and their complications are not mentioned here; neither are other therapeutic measures because they are outside of the scope of this e-learning tool. The examples shall give the learner an idea what cleft lip palate treatment means, and what conditions have to be considered. Figure liki_23a_n.jpg and Figure liki_23b_n.jpg: The drawings and the photograph illustrate that too great demands on the cleft lip palate team are not appropriate. Figure liki_23a_n.jpg: Some right-left asymmetry may provide an individual an attractive appearance (left figure), perhaps more so than if either two left or two right halves of the face had been put together (right figure). Figure liki_23b_n.jpg: Even in movie stars and models some facial asymmetry can be observed which is important for the individual peculiarity. Notice the size and the shape of the nostrils which would probably have been criticized in case of an operated right cleft lip.