Incidence (Cleft Lip Palate)

Incidence of the different types of clefts with involvement of the lip in a group of 45 consecutive patients; the distribution corresponds to that of a large population. Most frequent are unilateral cleft lip palate (green = uCLP) and unilateral cleft lip (white = CL), which occur in 2/3 of all cases. Bilateral types of clefts occur in 1/5 of all cases, with bilateral types combined with cleft palate (blue = bCLP) occurring more frequently than bilateral cleft lip alveolus (light blue = bCL*) or bilateral cleft lip (pink = bCL). Every tenth case is one of unilateral cleft lip alveolus (light green = uCL*). Totally, 70 % are clefts with involvement of the lip, and 30 % are isolated cleft palate.