Intestinal Strangulation (Differential Diagnosis as before)

abdo_18a_n.jpg: Operative findings in 'surgical abdomen'. Structure is being compressed with a white forceps. This structure runs from the top to the bottom and exhibits crumbs of stool close to the mesentery. On the right and left in the picture there is a dilated and bluishly discolored intestinal loop. The tip of the structure is adherent to the mesentery, and there it is yellowishly discolored. abdo_18b_n.jpg: Resected piece of small intestine which has different calibres and which is not vital. From the right to the left side an increasingly dilated resected segment of small intestine of 15 cm in length is visible with white and dark-red to black discoloration. abdo_18a_n.jpg and abdo_18b_n.jpg: The above mentioned structure is a Meckel's diverticulum with an ulcer leading to localized perforation. Due to the adhesion of the tip of the diverticulum to the mesentery an obstructive ileus has occurred with strangulation of the intestinal segment (figure abdo_18b_n.jpg) which is not visible in figure abdo_18a_n.jpg. It has been resected due to the irreversible loss of blood supply.