Types (Cleft Lip Palate)

Figure liki_1a_n.jpg to liki_1c_n.jpg: Drawings of the main types of cleft lip palate. Red = tissue adjacent to the cleft(s). Figure liki_1a_n.jpg: A bilateral partial cleft lip with involvement of the alveolus (notch) is shown. The significance of the minor involvement of the alveolus is the possibility that anomalies of the milk- and permanent teeth may be observed (malposed teeth or numerical anomalies). Figure liki_1b_n.jpg: Subtotal cleft palate with view from the bottom to the roof = palate of the oral cavity. The cleft lies in the midline, concerns the total soft and most of the hard palate with the margin of the vomer in direction of the nasal cavity. Figure liki_1c_n.jpg: Right total cleft lip (alveolus) palate, e.g. a combination of a cleft lip alveolus with a cleft palate; notice position and distance of the right alveolus and the missing floor of the right nose. In addition, minor form of left cleft lip alveolus with preserved floor of the left nose.