Sagittal Synostosis (Clinical Presentation)

Figure kran_5a_n.jpg to kran_5c_n.jpg: Clinical presentation of a sagittal synostosis. Figure kran_5a_n.jpg: This 2-month-old boy exhibits a sligthly pear-shaped contour of the head because the vertex of the skull is narrow in comparison to the face. Figure kran_5b_n.jpg: In the view from the side the frontal and occipital regions are protruding in comparison to the eyes, as well as to the back of the head . Figure kran_5c_n.jpg: In the view from the top, mainly the posterior parietal and occipital region is narrow. There may be a strong individual variability within the same type of craniosynostosis; $$kran_1??££see alternate figures§§.