Advancement (Frontal and Coronal Synostosis)

Figure kran_22a_n.jpg and figure kran_22b_n.jpg: In trigonocephaly and uni- or bilateral coronal synostosis, the treatment consists of an advancement procedure and/or straightening of the supraorbital rim $$kran_8&nr2??££§§alternate figure. Figure kran_22a_n.jpg: Lateral skull x-ray of an infant with a craniofascial dysostosis prior to advancement; the anterior basal skull and the front are narrow, and the skull is short in the frontooccipital direction. Figure kran_22b_n.jpg: Lateral skull x-ray of the same patient 3 months after surgery. There is a corrective growth of the front and a normal proportion of the skull. The correction of the hypoplastic mid-face should be performed later.