Transposition Osteotomy (Lambdoid Synostosis)

Figure kran_20a_n.jpg: Lateral skull x-ray with pathological suture signs (retraction of the posterior closed fontanel, parasutural sclerosis) and with an abnormal head shape (posterior tower-shaped head) in an infant with bilateral functional closure of the lambdoid suture prior to surgery. Figure kran_20b_n.jpg: Lateral skull x-ray 15 months following transposition osteotomy in the same patient. Normal head shape and integration of the posterior parietal bones transpositioned to the back. Figure kran_20c_n.jpg: Excised posterior parietal bones and pieces of excised lambdoid sutures during surgery. Notice silver beaten appearance of the parietalia and bony ridges at the inner side of the functionally closed lambdoid sutures. $$kran_10&nr5??££See alternate figure§§.