Local Findings (Craniosynostosis)

Figure kran_2a_n.jpg to kran_2c_n.jpg: Local findings in craniosynostosis. For that purpose, descripition, measurement, and photographs of the skull deformity belong to the evaluation of the local findings. The skull must be inspected from the front (including the face), from both sides, from the top, and from behind. Figure kran_2a_n.jpg: The face and the front are broad. Figure kran_2b_n.jpg: The back of the head is flat, and the posterior region is higher than the anterior one = posterior tower head in platycephaly (bilateral lambdoid suture synostosis). Figure kran_2c_n.jpg: Rounded shape of the head with posterior flattening more to the left than to the right. The measurement with a pelvimeter considers only the horizontal plane of the deformity like in the measurement of the head circumference.