Craniofacial Dysostosis (Clinical Presentation)

Figures kran_12a_n.jpg to kran_12c_n.jpg: In case of a craniofacial dysostosis a hypo- and dysplasia of the facial skull is combined with a closure of one or multiple sutures, and by choice, with extracranial malformations. The different syndromes which have proper names are defined either clinically or genetically. Figure kran_12a_n.jpg: Minor form of a Crouzon syndrome which has no extracranial anomalies. Figure kran_12b_n.jpg: Apert syndrome with extracranial malformations. Figure kran_12c_n.jpg: Typical hand anomalies in Apert syndrome. The above mentioned clover-leaf head belongs to the craniofacial dystosis by definition.