Synostosis of Multiple Sutures (Clinical Presentation)

Figure kran_1g_n.jpg and kran_11b_n.jpg: The clinical presentation of multiple suture closure is not uniform: The skull may have a delayed harmonic growth; gradual delay of the growth of the head circumference with change of percentiles to the lower values may be a clinical sign. Figure kran_1g_n.jpg: Or the skull exhibits a hood-like eminence over the anterior fontanel (oxycephaly). Figure kran_11b_n.jpg: Or the facial skull or other organs may be involved, such as in clover-leaf deformity of the head: the skull protrudes above the still open temporal suture like a tower in the vertical direction and in the region of the temporal bones to the side, leading to the pathogomonic clover-leaf deformity of the skull.