Congenital Intracranial Cysts (Supratentorial Cysts)

Figure hydr_19a_n.jpg to hydr_19c_n.jpg: Premature newborn with abnormal growth of head circumference. Example of a congenital intracranial cyst. Figure hydr_19a_n.jpg: Up-to-date MRI with an increasing, space-occupying porencephalic cyst on the right side with dilatation of the occipital horn of the right lateral ventricle. Figure hydr_19b_n.jpg: MRI immediately after birth: Perinatal intracerebral hemorrhage of the right hemisphere (white = coagulated blood). Figure hydr_19c_n.jpg: MRI following shunting: The defect of the right hemisphere persists, but due to the correction of the space-occupying mechanism, there is a normal development of the left hemisphere. This porencephalic cyst is an example of how a congenital intracranial cyst could be acquired during pregnancy.