Constitutional Macrocrania

Figure hydr_18a_n.jpg and hydr_18b_n.jpg: A frequent differential diagnosis of macrocrania is a constitutional macrocrania (benign familiary macrocrania). Figure hydr_18a_n.jpg: Head growth curve of a boy with a benign familiary macrocrania along the 97th percentile within the first two and a half years. The deviation of the head circumference at the age of 15 months !£hydr_18a_p£! is alarming; it may be due to a false measurement or the course of the curve is not so even in the individual case as in the standard curve. Figure hydr_18b_n.jpg: Notice the length and weight growth in the same patient which follows the 50th percentile up to the age of 15 months. In constitutional macrocrania there are a) large heads in the family b) the skull size is proportionally the same as the face c) the head growth follows more or less the 97th percentile and no clinical signs of hydrocephalus are present.