Protocol of the Feeling of a Teenager in Hydrocephalus

Figure hydr_16a_n.jpg and hydr_16b_n.jpg: Possible slight symptoms and signs in long-standing hydrocephalus; Feelings of a teenager with a long-standing, seemingly compensated hydrocephalus prior to ( hydr_16a_n.jpg) and post surgery ( hydr_16b_n.jpg), which was discovered incidentally on CT following a head injury. Probably in early childhood the orphan acquired a hydrocephalus with macrocrania, neuropsychological abnormalities (which were misinterpreted by the environment) and operatively increased intracranial basal pressure. Prior to surgery, he wrote spontaneously : 'My glance is veiled' and 'I feel as if having a board in front of my head', and after surgery: 'My glance is clear' and 'there is no pressure within my head'.