Missing Testis 2 (Laparoscopy) / Visible Testis (Laparoscopy)

hode_6_n.jpg: Laparoscopic findings in a 8.5-year-old boy with a non-palpable testis. The vas deferens enters the inguinal channel in the same way as shown in $$hode_5??££figure "Missing Testis 1"§§; but normal vessels of the spermatic cord are missing, and the internal inguinal ring is large. Most probably, the diagnosis is canalicular retention of the testis, but combined with an open processus peritonei vaginalis. The absence of normal vessels of the spermatic cord is an indication that the corresponding testis is missing, for instance due to a perinatal torsion. As well in $$hode_5??££figure "Missing Testis 1"§§ as in hode_6_n.jpg an inguinal revision, and if possible, an orchidopexy is indicated. hode_6b_n.jpg: Laparoscopy in a boy with a non-palpable testis of the right side. The testis was also invisible on ultrasound of the right groin. The picture shows on the left side the entrance to the inguinal channel and in front of it a longitudinal-oval and round structure. The diagnosis is abdominal testis of normal size; the testicular vessels may be suspected on the top of the right side, and below it, the the vas deferens. (I owe the picture to V. Oesch, Department of Pediatric Surgery (Prof. Z. Zachariou), Inselspital CH-Bern).