Combined Anomalies 3 (Cryptorchidism)

hode_18a_n.jpg: 2.6-year-old boy with an empty left scrotum. hode_18b_n.jpg: Operative findings: The very long vas deferens exhibits in the zone held to the side with the fingers a structure of the vas like a coil, and there is no continuity recognizable between the proximal and the distal part of the vas deferens. hode_18a_n.jpg and hode_18b_n.jpg: In addition to the prefascial ectopia of the testis the following combined anomalies were found: A long loop vas and a localized atresia of the vas deferens. Notice the calibre of the distal vas deferens near the epididymis which is strong, and the the thin calibre of the proximal part of the vas deferens running to the inguinotomy.