Indications for Surgery (Cryptorchidism)

Survey of the optimal time of orchidopexy and of the different methods. In case of the most frequent types of cryptorchidism, such as testicular ectopia and high-scrotal and canalicular retention, orchidopexy according to Shoemaker is useful. If possible, the operation should be performed with the patient between 1 and 2 years of age. In case of a combination with an inguinal hernia the time of surgery is fixed by the priority of herniotomy ($$swel_32??££see picture for comparison§§). Mainly in retardation and in obesity it has to be considered that in cryptorchidism a torsion of the testis is often diagnosed too late; therefore, an ablation of the testis is often necessary. The treatment of the non-palpable testis is even more demanding than the orchidopexy at the age of 1 to 2 years; both proceedings should be performed by experienced pediatric surgeons.