Work-up Examinations, Ultrasound (Cryptorchidism)

hode_12aEn_n.jpg: Survey of the work-up examinations in uni- or bilateral non-palpable testis. A stepwise proceeding is recommended because the additional examinations include simple and non-invasive methods and invasive methods with general anesthesia etc. hode_12b_n.jpg: Ultrasound of the right groin in a 4-month-old obese infant with an empty scrotum and non-palpable testis of the right side. Underneath the subcutaneous fat tissue at the upper part of the picture a longitudinal-oval structure with fine echos at the transition zone to the surrounding tissue is visible; the size of the structure is 0.5 by 1.5 cm. The diagnosis is - considering the history and the clinical findings - canalicular retention of the testis.