Types (Cryptorchidism)

Diagrammatic drawing of the topographically possible sites in the two main types of cryptorchidism; on the right side in retention of the testis, on the left side in testicular ectopy. C = External inguinal ring. On the right side of the patient: The testis does not or only minimally descend = intraabdominal testicular retention; it descends along the normal route and remains in the inguinal channel = canalicular testicular retention, or at the entrance of the scrotum = high scrotal retention of the testis. On the left side: The testis diverges from the normal route of descent and lies in front of the external inguinal ring, diverging in a lateral direction underneath the Scarpa's fascia = prefascial ectopia of the testis ('sliding testis'), or it lies somewhere outside the external inguinal ring. A precise assignment to the different types and forms may be possible sometimes only during surgery.