Prenatal Manifestation (VUR), Videosequence.

Part of an ultrasound sequence during the examination of a fetus in the 33rd week of pregnancy with urological malformations in the family. Bilateral irregularly shaped and dilated cavities are visible in the retroperitoneal space at the level of the kidneys which are filled with fluid and are in correlation to the kidney. The diagnosis is bilateral hydronephrosis, the cause of which may be a bilateral obstruction of the ureteropelvic junction, juxtavesical stenosis of the ureter, obstruction of the lower urinary tract, or bilateral reflux. Dilatation of the ureters and increase in dilatation during micturation are indications of reflux. This ultrasound sequence illustrates that for the evaluation of a fetus precise knowledge of possible variations from the normal state,and of pathological findings and its variations are necessary (With permission M. Meyer-Wittkopf, UFK Tuebingen).