Redness of the Prepuce (UTI)

harn_30_n.jpg: External genitals in an infant with recurrent UTI. The prepuce and the adjacent skin of the penis shows redness, and infected smegma is visible at the tip of the glans. The diagnosis is balanoposthitis in a real case of phimosis of an infant. Although a 'phimosis' is physiological in infants, a real phimosis must be diagnosed in case of voiding disorder, such as ballooning of the foreskin or only dripping instead of a normal stream, or in case of recurrent balanitis or UTI. Under such conditions the therapeutic circumcision is also indicated in infants; the same is true for infants with reflux or obstructive megaureter in whom circumcision is recommended in case of non-operative treatment as first step. geni_zz1_n.jpg: In this case the prepuce is involved, too. The prepuce is grotesquely swollen and retracted behind the glans. The diagnosis is paraphimosis. The retracted prepuce has not been reduced. Reduction is now only possible by specific manipulation or by a dorsal incision. Total circumcision is necessary later on.