Eventration of the Bladder (Differential Diagnosis UTI)

Figure harn_29bis_n.jpg: Sketch of a diverticulum or pseudodiverticulum close to the trigonum. The orifice of the equilateral ureter is situated in the depth of the eventration depending on the condition of filling and/or size of the diverticulum. Example of a so-called extravesicalization of the equilateral ureteral orifice by an enlarging isolated diverticulum. The diverticulum must normally remain in relation to the trigonum. The resulting incompetence of the vesicoureteral valve leads to reflux. In case of a pseudodiverticulum, the cause of the infravesicular obstruction must be repaired with the later possibility of spontaneous relief of the pseudodiverticulum and reflux as for instance in urethral valves or neurogenic bladder.