Phimosis (Differential Diagnosis UTI/Voiding Disorder)

harn_29a_n.jpg: Toddler with a prepuce stuck to the tip of the glans, and recurrent UTI. harn_29b_n.jpg: Release of the inner sheath of the prepuce from the glans with a probe (= preputiolysis). harn_29c_n.jpg: Because of the constricted ring of the prepuce it is difficult to retract the prepuce behind the glans. harn_29a_n.jpg to harn_29c_n.jpg: The diagnosis is long-standing phimosis. The sequels of former inflammations with scars are recognizable in harn_29a_n.jpg and harn_29c_n.jpg. The most simple and most frequent cause of recurrent urinary tract infections in male infants and toddlers is phimosis; due to the danger of recurrence, a total circumcision should be performed in such cases.