Evagination of the Bladder (UTI)

Operative finding in an infant of the third trimenon in whom a tip-like eventration of the bladder at the vertex was encountered during a pull-through procedure, and operated. The eventration is retracted by a péan's forceps to the top. In the left upper abdomen there is the proximal part of a colostomy performed at the left colonic flexure in the neonatal period. The diagnosis is urachal diverticulum of the bladder vertex. This diverticulum and other diverticula, such as pseudodiverticula in lower urinary tract obstruction, isolated diverticula close to the trigonum, and diverticula following ureteral reimplantation may be the cause of recurrent UTI; mainly, if during a VCUG, contrast remains in such a diverticulum after micturation.