Renal Ectopy (Differential Diagnosis UTI/Scrotal Swelling)

Drawing of a patient with seemingly only one kidney on the left side. He had suffered from recurrent epididymitis of the right side. In fact, a small right kidney is present with a deep and lumbar localization; its ureter enters the seminal vesicle. The diagnosis is lumbar ectopic and hypo- and dysplastic kidney of the right side. The corresponding ureter is responsible for the recurrent epididymitis by entering the seminal vesicle. An analogous clinical presentation may be observed if the cranial ureter in complete ureteral duplication enters ectopically in the seminal vesicle. In general, ectopic kidneys and fusion anomalies such as horseshoe kidney may lead to recurrent UTI due to combined ureteropelvic junction obstruction, reflux, ectopic ureteral orifice, or dysplasia.