Complete Ureteral Duplication 3 (Differential Diagnosis UTI/Voiding Disorder)

Operative finding in a 3-week-old girl with absent contrast excretion in the left upper pole (= dumb kidney). After opening the bladder a structure the size of a plum is visible. The diagnosis is left-sided complete ureteral duplication. Because the upper pole has no excretion of contrast in the IVU and of the tracer in the scintigraphy, it must have lost its function due to an obstruction of the corresponding ureter; in this case it was caused by a ureterocele which is visible in the picture (compare the chapter 'Hematuria'). In such a case a cranial heminephrectomy with complete removal of the corresponding ureter can be performed if the ureterocele is not too large and does not lead to a voiding disorder. ($$harn_35??nr=2££ see alternate figure 1§§ and $$harn_35??nr=3££alternate figure 2§§).