Incidence (Ureteral Duplications)

Incidence of ureteral duplications in 45,790 children who have been examined in the outpatient clinic in 16 years. Ureteral duplications are relatively frequent, occurring in 0.5 %. Out of 251 children 101 (= 40 %) needed surgery. The patient already mentioned under harn_20_n.jpg to harn_22b_n.jpg and 14 additional children had an incomplete ureteral duplication, which corresponds to 15 % of all operated ureteral duplications. In patients with ureteral duplication who need surgery, those with a complete ureteral duplication are more frequent (amountign to 85 %) and are of major significance concerning diagnostic and therapeutic expenses. In contrast to the incomplete dupications in which mainly pyelopyelic anastomosis is necessary (except for rare V-types with reflux and rare Y-types with ureteropelvic junction obstruction of one renal part), complete duplications need different operations with or without preservation of the involved renal part.