Balloon-like Renal Pelvis 3 (UTI/VUR)

harn_13a_n.jpg and harn_13b_n.jpg: Excised ureteropelvic junction from behind and from the front. At first glance, no constriction of the lumen is visible from the outside; but on the view from the front (figure harn_13b_n.jpg) an oblique indentation is recognizable !£harn_13b_p£!. The diagnosis is intermittent ureteropelvic junction obstruction caused by a crossing artery (extrinsic stenosis); depending on the amount of diuresis and position of body and kidney the artery leads to an obstruction and symptoms, and signs. The obstruction was released by a ureteropelvic junction reconstruction in front of the artery, and nephrectomy was not necessary. Intermittent abdominal colics and/or hematuria due to the rapid change of dilatation of the pelvis (maximum filling, normal volume) are the leading symptoms in addition to a possible UTI. Hydronephroses are also prone to slight or severe lesion in abdominal trauma. The already mentioned clinical and therapeutical aspect are also valid for most of the typical cases of ureteropelvic junction obstructions.