Grades/Change of Therapeutical Indications (Renal Trauma)

hage_35aEn_n.jpg: Distribution of the different grades of injury in a population of 73 children with renal trauma. Nearly two thirds of the patients had slight grades of renal trauma; among them many without signs of injury in the ultrasound or IVU, although in every case a contusion of the kindney was present due to the history, the clinical signs, and the hematuria, or the erythrocytes in the urine sediment (marked as grade 0). One third were intermediate or severe renal injuries. In the literature grade 4 (IV) corresponding to grade 5 (V) according to the American Classification is observed in up to 10 %. hage_35bEn_n.jpg: Change of the indication to operative (blue) and to non-operative treatment (red) prior to (on the left side), and after (on the right side) 1985 in grade III injury. Due to the application of ultrasound and by the possible short-time and non-invasive follow-ups by this means, a non-operative treatment was adopted progressively in grade 1 to 3 lesion (I to III, III corresponding to IV of the American Classification) after 1985.